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Infos d'actualité - Attelage de Tradition

CIAT KSIAZ 2019 Cancellation


Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are very saddened by the fact that the VII International Traditional Driving Contest - Książ Castle 2019 will not take place this year.

The cause is the disease:

Equine Viral Arteritis, EVA, an infectious equine viral disease. This is not a problem that concerns only the Lower Silesian region, but also for today Wielkopolska, the area around Opole and Upper Silesia. In these regions large-scale equestrian events have been canceled in recent days.

The management of Książ Stallions Depot issued an official statement about the closing of the Depot for the time of at least one month for the safety of horses.

Due to the fact that one of the values of our competition is the fact that it is held constantly in the same place and at the same time (July), we will not move it to another place or another date this year.

VII International Traditional Carriage Competition - Książ Castle, will take place next year

 11-12 July 2020.

We apologize for the situation, but it is the so-called force majeure, and the safety and health of horses is our priority.

       Irek Kozłowski

       Show Director

Polish Carriage Society


One more information for people less oriented in the subject. The disease is not the least dangerous for people. A erson who is in direct contact with an infected horse can only be a passive virus carrier, eg on shoes or clothing.