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ATM Ronda


La Guardia Real participará este año en la Exhibición de Enganches de Ronda con motivo de su XL aniversario.




The competition, organized by the City Council of Ronda and the Real Maestranza de Caballera de Ronda and directed by the Real Club de Carruajes de Andalucia, demonstated the superb quality of the carriages and the excellent skill of the drivers.


The Real Club de Enganches de Andaluca (RCEA) invited twenty of possibly the best carriages in Spain to participate in this show, which was held at the Bicentennial Ronda Bullring on Sunday September 6. 18 of the drivers were non-professional but were all whips of a very high standard.

The carriages remained on display in the street Virgen de la Paz for visitors to see from 10 in the morning until they entered the town square two hours later, where they were judged by the RCEA officials.

Students Course Rider-Teacher of the Riding School of theReal Maestranza de Caballera de Ronda (RMCR) performed a carousel display at the beginning of the show accompanied by live music performed by violinist Olga Sologub.

The carriage entered by Yeguada Señorío de los Cedros and led by the Daumont, surprised the audience. The carriage is drawn by four horses with two postillion riders on the left hand equines, controlled by a short postillion whip and riding reins. This equipage is preceded by a picador whose purpose is to pave the way for this particular style of vehicle and has two flunkies- in a pulpitillo to escort the Grand Duke.

The event revealed the very high level of the professional coachmen, where the keen competitiveness between them demonstrated the masterly skill of the carriage drivers.

The Gregory Aranda Family was represented by three generations, grandfather, son and grandson, winning the first places in two classes.

Highlighting the role of lady drivers. The award for best amateur driver, in limonera (single) turnout and pairwas awarded to Ana Maria Bohórquez Escribano, considered the grand old lady of Europe, and the Godino Trophy for best amateur driver in the style of long reins to Fátima Sánchez Cabrera.

The children drivers, younger than 18, showed exemplary panache and captivated public attention with their excellent display, and taking part was Carmen Quifes Millan, Antonio Repullo del Pino and Gregorio Aranda Calderon.

One of the objectives of the RCEA is promoting the calesera harness, classical in the region of Andalusia. This way of presenting the harness, is awarded by the RMCR Trophy, considered the most prestigious and best prize. This year it was awarded to Yeguada Francisco Olivera, for his excellent presentation of the calesera hitch, Spanish style harness.

The end carousel with all turnouts on the ground was once again the highlight of the exhibition contest.



The Graduate Hall of RMCR welcomed the prizegiving ceremony, with the following result:

Limoneras (singles)

First classified:OwnerRamón Cotán, coachmanDª. Carmen Quifes Millán.

Second classified:OwnerD. Antonio Miguel Repullo Anaya, coachmanD. Antonio Repullo del Pino.

Third classified:OwnerDª. Maria Antonia Torres Delgado, coachmanDª. Maria Antonia torres Delgado.

Tronco damas (pair driven by a lady)



First classified:OwnerYeguada Dª. Ana Mª Bohórquez Escribano, coachmanDª. Ana Mª Bohórquez Escribano.

Second classified:OwnerRamón Cotán, coachmanDª. Maria Quifes Millán.

Third classified: OwnerYeguada Señorio de los Cedros, coachmanDª. Flora Reguera Atienza.

Tronco caballeros  (pair)

First classified:OwnerGanaderia G. Aranda (Plazos 2005), coachmanD. Gregorio Aranda Alcántara.

Second classified:OwnerD. José Joaquin Muñoz Alarcón, coachmanD. José Joaquin Muñoz Alarcón.

Third classified:OwnerD. José Luis Ortiz Miranda, coachmanD. José Luis Ortiz Miranda.

Tándem (2 horses in line)

First classified:OwnerGanaderia G. Aranda (Plazos 2005), coachmanD. Joaquin Aranda Calderón.

Second classified:OwnerD. Cristóbal Ruiz Meléndez, coachmanD. Cristóbal Ruiz Meléndez.

Third classified:OwnerD. Antonio Miguel Repullo Anaya, coachmanD.  Antonio Miguel Repullo Anaya.

Tresillos y potencia (I + 2 horses)

First classified:OwnerD. Jacinto Planas Ros, coachmanD. Jacinto Planas Ros.

Second classified:OwnerDª. Fátima Sánchez Cabrera, coachmanDª. Fátima Sánchez Cabrera.

Third classified:OwnerD. Javier López Rubio, coachmanD. Javier López Rubio.

Out of competition:OwnerD. José Luis Montosa González, coachmanD. Miguel Ángel Ruiz Rubio.

Cuartas (four-in-hand)

First classified: OwnerYeguada Señorio de los Cedros, coachmanD. Antonio Gutiérrez Martinez.

Second classified:OwnerGanaderia G. Aranda (Plazos 2005), coachmanD. Gregorio Aranda Lamas.

Third classified:OwnerD. Antonio Carrillo Baeza, coachmanD. Antonio Gómez Garcia

Media potencia (3+2 Horses)

First classified:OwnerYeguada Olivera, coachmanD. José Varo Garrido.

Second classified:OwnerD. José Luis Nimo Muñoz, coachmanD. Diego López Lobato.

Third classified:OwnerD. Fermin Bohórquez Escribano, coachmanD. Francisco Jaén Alcolcher.

Cinco a la larga (Five horses)

First classified:OwnerD. Miguel Ángel de Cárdenas Osuna, coachmanD. Javier Silva Laguna.

Second classified:OwnerYeguada de la Cartuja Hierro del Bocado, coachmanD. Rafael Carrasco Carrasco.

Third classified:OwnerYeguada Dolgarent, coachmanD. Félix Ruiz Jiménez.

Trophy for best professional coachman: OwnerYeguada Señorio de los Cedros, coachmanD. Daniel Moreno, D. Javier Moreno y D. Adrián Muñoz.

Trophy for best amateur coachman, on the modalities of limonera y tronco : Dª. Ana Maria Bohórquez Escribano.

Trophy Godino for best amateur coachman of the long reins : Dª. Fátima Sánchez Cabrera.

Trophy RMCR of caleseragarrisonwith the best punctuation: OwnerYeguada Francisco Olivera, coachmanD. José Varo Garrido.