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Impressions of Andalusia...


90 participants from 14 nations met from the 5th to 7th February 2016, for a wonderful weekend in Seville for the General Assembly of the Association International d ’Attelage de Tradition (AIAT).

Seville is the delightful city home of José Juan Morales, Ramon Moreno, Raimundo Coral and many of our Spanish friends, we were to visit remarkable local collections of carriages, participate in a very interesting judges’ conference thanks to the multiplicity of turnouts we were privileged to inspect. Everything ensuring that all delegates took home a dazzling memory of this stay in beautiful Andalusia.

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Four in hand as depicted by Crafty (translation Sue de Brantes)

Too often one forgets the impression produced by the overall view of a four in hand in full action. The effect of a well-proportioned and synchronized animated portrait of a team of horses, carriages, harness, and impeccably clothed occupants is one of a a masterpiece of coordinated detail which can best be appreciated by experts. However the harmony, rhythm, coleur coordination, that is the result of months of training and application, and the hidden hilarity of the participants provokes a special emotion that everyone can somehow enjoy. The ephemeral satisfaction and constant concentration that a perfect turnout can provoke is practically a “joy forever” and certainly a rare experience….and a thrilling one.

(Crafty : Paris au Bois, 1890)
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