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Latest News - Traditional Driving

Kutschenmuseum in GALOWICE - H. HUBER (EN)

AIAT-Meeting in Wroclaw 2019, the visit to the Carriage Museum at Galowice

When entering the cobbled court through a beautifully restored baroque gate, built in 1721, the visitor walks straight up to a large historic building of well-balanced dimensions. It is a half-timbered structure with small windows and a double-hipped roof. At first sight the visitor realizes that it has not been used to live in, though it was well designed. The narrow-gauge rails leading from the road through the gate into the building hint of an earlier warehouse belonging to a large noble estate in Galowice; the remains of the stately home still recognizable nearby. A commemorative slab put up by Emil von Lieres und Wilkau in 1888 is evidence of the family who formerly owned the estate.

Realizing the beauty and quality of the building Tadeusz Kolacz, an entrepreneur from Wroclaw, bought the building and diligently had it refurbished.The building was exactly what he was looking for, a spacious home for his carriage collection, Muzeum Powozow Galowice near Wroclaw. Read more ...