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Debrief and Results CIAT EUSTON 2015


First Ciat Euston Estate, Suffolk - Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd August 2015


The Duke and Duchess of Grafton and the Countess of Euston welcomed this event on their beautiful 10,500 acre Estate.  The historic (1670) Hall and grounds are usually open to the public, but are currently undergoing renovations.

There were 21 competitors forward out of 23 entries. 8 Horse Single, 7 Horse Pair, 4 Pony Single, 1 Pony Pair, 1 Pony Tandem.

Some had experience with Attelage de Tradition and some were newcomers.  The Standard of presentation was excellent before three individual judges.  The 15.5 km Routier including five PCs and the twenty gate Maniabilite, were run strictly to AIAT Rules.

Friday evening there was a welcoming pig roast party for 70 competitors and friends, in the stable field.  It set the scene for the whole weekend, everyone was in party mood.  The competition ran very smoothly and the comradeship between everyone was wonderful.  The Champagne Reception and Gala Dinner on Saturday was enjoyed by 96 people.  The dinner menu include braised,  Euston Red Poll Beef.

Sallie Walrond played her Accordion for a Sing-along. An antique cartoon of carriage drivers was auctioned.  There were short Speeches from BDS Chairman Angela Sixsmith and AIAT judge Richard James. TD Wallace Binder was director of ceremonies.

On Sunday the Prize-giving and Final Parade was held on the Arena decorated with Plants and European flags. The Countess of Euston presented the prizes.  Unfortunately the lovely weather left us and rain rather hastened the Final Parade as everyone hurried back to the stable field.

It was an amazing Event and has really sold the new concept of Attelage de Tradition to the Brits.  The 2nd CIAT Euston will be held Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st August 2016.


Eunice Binder - event secretary