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CIAT Ksiaz

Debrief CIAT KSIAZ 2017





There was a very nice competition again from 14th to 16th July 2017at Ksiaz !

The event went well, with 15 driverss with a better and better level of preparation of the participants, as highlighted by Enzo Calvi, the main judge of the contest.

The weather was excellent and the crowds of the public arrived as always in Ksiaz.

There were 2 singles, 10 pairs, 2 tandems and team of Irek Kozlowski, who won presentation and general.
Second was Krzysztof Idzikowski, who was a winner in pairs.
Tandems won Urbain Van der Voorde.
Total results can be seen on www.ois-wyniki.pl .

Congratulations the the organizing committee and to the volunteers for a well deserved success in this prestigious place !


Debriefing 4th CIAT KSIAZ 2016


IV. CIAT in Ksiaz Castle, Poland, July 23rd – 24th, 2016

in memory of Princess Daisy von Pless

Entering the vast yard of the national stud near Ksiaz Castle you are impressed by the beauty and quality of these actually functional buildings erected in the end of the 19th century, comprising well designed stables, coach houses and a wonderful riding school. They are but a foretaste of the beauty and grandeur of Ksiaz Castle itself, situated nearby on top of a large rock amidst a beautiful and well kept park. This scenery, stud and park, forms the location of the 4th CIAT held in Kziaz Castle.

This year 15 stylish turnouts, 4 singles, 9 pairs, 1 tree abreast and 1 team had enlisted for this event. There were a few turnouts which had taken part in previous events here. To the joy of the organizers of the event as well as the numerous spectators several newcomers presented their beautiful horses, harnesses and carriages. Most of them came from the western parts of Poland. Three turnouts had made their way from the north and the west of Germany to this beautiful place.

This year the weather was much more favourable to the participants and their horses compared to the weather last year. The temperature was mild and a gentle breeze was welcome for the drivers and their passengers in the carriages wearing mostly formal dresses. Last year the heat had made them perspire and their horses sweat.

Fine turnouts were presented to the judges ( Enzo Calvi, Italy, Guiseppe Del Grande, Italy, Hartmuth Huber, Germany) in the show ring of the stud (1st position). They approached the second position in the shadow of the trees in the park near a pond and then drove on along the avenue leading right to the foreyard of the castle (3rd position). The avenue and the foreyard were lined with enthusiastic spectators who clapped their hands to every turnout passing by. Especially the ladies’ stylish, often flamboyant, dresses added much to the elegance of the whole event.

This year the road and track competition on Sunday morning was designed like last year, whereas the parcours of the cone driving contest in the afternoon turned out to be extremely difficult, not very pleasant to negotiate.

Nevertheless every driver was happy in the end and the prize giving ceremony offered a beautiful scenery to the spectators filling the terraces, 15 fine turnouts lining up and the drivers receiving their well-deserved cups, the horses their cockades.

The beauty and elegance of horses, harnesses, carriages and clothes reminded everybody of the days of horse drawn traffic, the wealth and style of the belle epoque, the days of Princess Daisy von Pless, the former owner of Ksiaz Castle, to the memory of who this extraordinary event was held.



Brief, Results & Videos CIAT KSIAZ 2015


The AIAT at Ksiaz Castle, Poland,

17-19 July 2015


The state stud at Ksiaz Castle is the perfect place for a AIAT competition. Its history of horse breeding and elegant and well thought out architecture - in particular the indoor school – together with the beauty of the castle itself built on a cliff top, all add to the atmosphere creating a perfect traditional setting.


The magnificent and well-schooled horses were driven with great feeling, sure proof of the horsemanship exhibited by their drivers. The turnouts ranged from sophisticated urban elegance to authentic rural practically, one notable example being a driver in the regional costume of the Tatra Mountains. One had to have been there to experience the enthusiasm of the elegantly dressed spectators, and so understand how the event appeals to the passion and very nature of the Polish people.


Added to this was the air of celebration: The Festival of Nations on Friday night took place in a very friendly and personal atmosphere. The regional delicacies - both solid and liquid - that were bought along by the competitors, were consumed with an enthusiasm, and in the case of the strengthening cordials, an astonishing capacity by the diners. While the competitors were mainly Polish, there was one driver from Germany, and an Australian now living in Poland who competed for Australia. Despite this however, the standard set by the judges, Hartmuth Huber and Bruno Kellinghusen from Germany and Guiseppe del Grande from Italy was of international level.


Six singles, eleven pairs, one tree-abreast pony turnout, two four-in-hands and a pickaxe team made up the competition.  Elegant coachman-driven town vehicles with noble coach horses competed against typical Fiaker turnouts and the country vehicles with their heavier horses, driver and guests in regional dress. The four-in-hands and pickaxe team were driven by experienced drivers with their beautifully presented horses, who went on to make the award ceremony such a spectacular event: The Lap of Honour took the form of a carousel in canter, (the three teams driving a small circle one behind the other) accumulating in a drive pass the grandstand in full gallop; this time all three carriages side by side. No wonder then, that the spectators rewarded this very impressive performance with rapturous applause and enthusiasm.


The fact that the talented whip Roman Kusz took the most of the prizes - proving the exemplary quality of his turnout - along with comments on judging sheets may serve as an incentive to others to continue to turnout and raise the standard even higher.


Whips, their guests and spectators were united in their enthusiasm for the beautiful horses, elegant carriages and chic dress code - in particular the immaculately dressed ladies. This explains the apt motto of the event chosen as it was in memory of the last princess in Ksiaz, ‘Daisy von Pless, an icon of elegance in her time’.


                                                                                              Hartmuth Huber


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