Association Internationale d'Attelage de Tradition


Letter of the President

To all who are interested in AIAT activities 2020
Dear friends,
First of all let me say that I hope nobody is affected by the corona virus and that it may stay like that!
Since the pandemic started we are in close contact with many of you via skype, email or telephone, also for the sake of friendship during this crisis.
The season 2020 will be a tricky one for all of us, especially for the organizers of AIAT events, be it competitions or other traditional excursions (CIAT, CAT, or ATM). After all, AIAT comprises 16 national organisations with quite different national security and hygiene regulations. Presently we have to face a big planning uncertainness. This means that many organizers have either postponed or even cancelled their events they had on the agenda for 2020.
For the time being I rather suggest to hold only national events (CAT) -if at all- because here organizers and participants are subject to the same regulations.
As far as international competitions (CIAT) are concerned with drivers from various nations we should await until the national regulations have come to international standards. Most of the international competitions up to the end of June have already been cancelled. By then we‘ll  hopefully be in a position to see what can be done for the second half of the season.
I am most confident that all organizers will take decisions with all their senses of responsibility regarding our lovely hobby. It is almost needless to say how much I do support them with all my heart at times of uncertaincy being aware how much work and energy it takes to get a « concours » going !
All those competitors looking for specific information about a certain event of interest are kindly advised to contact those organizers via internet. Please find them via their website or via the AIAT website.
Let us stay confident for better times to come back soon! Enjoy training your horses and stay in contact with each other! More than ever AIAT is a marvelous family of like-minded friends. - we will certainly meet again as soon as it comes possible !
With  my warmest regards,

                                                                                     Baron Christian de LANGLADE,
                                                                                                        Président de l’AIAT

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