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Latest News - Traditional Driving

AGM UTRECHT 25-26.02.2022 (EN)


Annual General Meeting at Utrecht (NL)

25th - 26th February 2022


Due to current Corona problems the committee decided to cancel the meeting at Utrecht and have a video conference instead. It took place on February 25th from 11:00 till 11:55 am.

The participants were

Christian de Langlade F         (President AIAT and Chairman of the conference)

José Juan Morales E              (Vice President and treasurer AIAT)

Ad van der Pluim NL

Richard James GB

Enzo Calvi I

Katerina Jetmarova CZ          (on behalf of Dr. Oleijnicek)

Koon Depaepe B

Hartmuth Huber D                 (on behalf of Josef Steigenberger)

Christian de Langlade started by greeting the national representatives taking part in the conference and thanking everybody for their interest in AIAT activities. He congratulated the organizers, judges and technical delegates for all their achievements made despite the problems caused by the pandemic. He expressed his joy that the philosophy of the AIAT is generally adhered to, the events being friendly gatherings run in a non-profit spirit. He announced the publishing of a provisional calendar of events for 2022 and suggested a judge’s clinic to be run at one of the events taking place in 2022. He thanked the treasurer and the secretary for their dependable collaboration and expressed his hope for more activities in the 2022 season.

José Juan Morales reported on the accounts of the AIAT, expressing regret on the one hand - as there were only few activities last year - and his joy on the other that there is now more money in the accounts that can be spent.

Christian de Langlade informed the participants about the reform of the AIAT rules concerning the PC >The Rail<: The line >...without crossing the outside lines…< must now be >… without touching the outside lines…<

Koen de Paepe announced a CAT to be held at Wingene (B) in September. The date still to be published.

Richard James informed the participants of a >Newcomers Award of L 150.--< that has been endowed for the CIATs being organized in the UK and highly recommending this idea for all countries.

Christian de Langlade thanked the participants for their interest and wished everybody much success in their efforts.