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Latest News - Traditional Driving

Debrief 1st CIAT GALINY 2022

It was a daring decision when Roman Kusz resolved to organize a CIAT himself. Roman, being a devoted horseman and successful driver in international competition driving, had withdrawn from the sport and taken up traditional driving, a much calmer and joyful sport.

No wonder, he was successful at so many CIATs and was full of enthusiasm for this idea.

Putting this idea into effect is difficult enough in normal conditions and in his case, it was a very risky project as living in the remotest corner of Poland, Masury, and having no proper venue it seemed certain to fail. But Roman turned out to be a lucky person. Masury is an area where there is still open landscape without fences, structured by pastures, fields and large forests, small lanes not covered by tarmac, many lakes and ponds, cranes and storks in the fields and at least two storks’ nests on the roofs in every village.

Moreover, much of the historic agricultural structure has been kept up. Many of the historic stately homes of the former local nobility and the estates belonging to them have been preserved and are undergoing renovation today.

Roman was lucky enough to find such a place very apt for a venue as he needed it for his project. The stately home at Galiny in the possession of a family from Warsaw was open to his project and offered the whole estate for CIAT use: the hotel built in the former barn, the historic stables, the show ring connected to the stables and, last but not least, the lovely courtyard in front of the Great House. As a venue to put one of the PCs and use for presentation, it would be difficult to find a better setting for such an event! In these circumstances it was not too difficult to find sponsors – and participants. Despite the long distances they had to cover on the – brand new – motorways in Poland, 21 participants had enlisted, one of them from the Czech Republic and even one from Austria!


The traditional Evening of Nations was held in the old forge of the agricultural estate. The forge being transformed to an inspiring festival hall - containing the original fireplace and a lathe still driven by a transmission - soon resounded with the sound of cheerful conversation and toasts being given. The delicious local dishes produced by the participants were eaten up in no time. The drinks however, were sufficient for hours…

The Presentation on Saturday produced fine turnouts amongst which were two traditional rural turnouts with the drivers and passengers in traditional costume, nice sporting turnouts driven to Phaetons and Wagonettes, and fine Town turnouts to Mylords and Landaulets.

The Routier was shortened due to the heat and the soft ground (there had been much rain falling in the days before) but the well-designed course lead along small lanes, through meadows and along the edges of spinneys and the shoreline of a small lake, through the village and the courtyard of the Great House. Despite the heat of the day the horses were still fresh when they arrived at the finish. The PCs drove well and everybody was satisfied and in good spirits when they returned to the hotel to eat lunch.

The Cone Driving in the afternoon had attracted many onlookers and hundreds filled the show ring stands despite the heat of the sun having risen considerably during the day. The course was not too difficult and permitted a fast gallop between cones 14 and 15; a chance not taken by all drivers.

By the time the prizegiving ceremony was held the horses were tired and having had to drive the routier and the cones on that hot day the drivers were glad that the ceremony did not last too long. The judges and celebrities, who had the honour of giving cups and rosettes to the drivers and their horses, were well directed by the technical staff so that the event was over in half an hour to the benefit of the horses and the drivers who were proud but tired. As there were no trees surrounding the show ring to give shade, the laps of honour were fast but short and everybody returned to the stables proud and satisfied. It is a pity that the organizers forgot to play the traditional tune to the laps of honour: “Good bye, my little Officer of the Guard…”

The winners were:


1st Czeslaw Trzos                  PL

2nd Tomasz Pelka                  PL

3rd Rafal Landowski             PL


1st Justyna Przyborowska     PL/UKR

2nd Gregorz Jachimiak          PL

3rd Lukasz Panek                   PL


1st Ireneusz Koslowski          PL