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Latest News - Traditional Driving

Debrief CIAT GLAMIS 2022 EN


18th and 19th june 2022 - follow by the debrief from the judge Don Raimondo Coral Rubiales


The 6th CIAT at Glamis Castle was again a great success in the splendid surroundings of the Royal Estate. Twenty-four participants were entered, amongst them nine “First time competitors” !

You could also find two drivers from Wales and seven from South of the Border, having travelled to enjoy the beautiful Scottish Countryside, most of them arriving on Friday afternoon to make their horses comfortable in the stables.

As to the drivers and their passengers and grooms, sixty-four of them got prepared for the Friday evening supper, provided by Sandy Lanni and her team of helpers in an excellent atmosphere.

The weather was kind with sunshine and remained like that during the whole event.

On the Saturday, the three Presentation points were situated directly in front of the Castle. The judges were Raimundo Coral (Spain), Paul Mills (GB) and Andrew Counsell (GB), and the commentator was the very knowledgeable Jane Macinnes.

During the Gala Dinner - 83 guests in Black Tie in the Castle State Dining Room - the best Presentation winner, Jimmy Jeffrey, presented with Scottish Quaich, which in true Scottish tradition he filled with malt whisky and passed it round for all to enjoy.

On Saturday, the Routier of 13 km, all within the Glamis Estate grounds with wonderful roads and tracks, was designed by Alan Ross and the difficulties by Clive Rushton Green.
The Cone Driving was designed by Alex Hogg.
Judges , Stewards, Helpers – and Organizers -are fundamental to a successful event along with Sponsors. Once again, it must be said that the atmosphere between all was absolutely excellent and that everyone enjoyed a marvelous event !

Please, find the results below.


VI CIAT DE GLAMIS by Don Raimondo Coral Rubiales - Judge

The Glamis CIAT is based on three basic pillars, the Castle with its gardens, the Lanni family and Scottish hospitality. Held on the weekend of June 18th and 19th, it began on the 17th with a welcome dinner for participants, collaborators and staff in the backyard of the Glamis House. The aforementioned House was the logistic center, shelter and improvised club during the whole weekend, not in vain in its ample kitchen were organized the most amusing gatherings of the whole weekend, even in Spanish, coincidences of life.

On saturday and in the vicinity of the main entrance of the Castle were located the three judges of presentation, the British Mr. Paul Mills, Mr. Andrew Counsell and Mr. Raimundo Coral Rubiales from Spain. With a total of 24 turnouts in different modalities, the participants paraded in front of the façade of the castle. The quality, especially in the harnesses, was a constant in all the contestants. Although it was windy, more than three hats flew, the Scots were euphoric, because according to tradition, when the wind blows the rain goes away. Nobody spared us from the cold, but in the temporary tent set up next to the camp, hot coffee and English pastries were served, a blessing.

The route, which was presented on Saturday itself, showed us both arboreal and wild areas, as well as manicured gardens and rural flowerbeds, a delight. The Compulsory Steps were distributed throughout the race, although three of them were located along the undulating path that connects the main entrance of the property with the entrance of the Castle, where a piper dressed for this occasion with the classic costume of the house entertained the competition.

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