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Latest News - Traditional Driving

Annual General Meeting in Utrecht (NL)

After a three years interruption due to Covid, the Members of the Association Internationale d’Attelage de Tradition were very happy to be together again in Utrecht from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th February 2023, for their Annual General Meeting. One could feel the pleasure of the 83 participants all the time !

The Members of AIAT, Presidents of 12 National Associations, judges, technical delegates, collectionners and some interested people were there on the kind invitation of

Mr Ad van der Pluijm, President of AIAT-The Netherlands and Mr Nikolaas Conijn, who took a lot of trouble to organize the event from the beginning to the end !

It was, as usual, a good opportunity to discuss all sorts of questions, to harmonize the judgments and the scores and to work together on the problems which can occur during traditional driving competitions, generally technical problems, and the way to solve them in a friendly atmosphere.

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