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Latest News - Traditional Driving

First Contest in Rheda by Bert de Mooij



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On August 27-29 the Tradition Competition was held on Rheda Castle for the first time. This event, organised by Mr Klaus Beckord, on invitation of the Prince Bentheim, took place only a week after Celle. This became possible because the stables in Rheda were already set up on Monday right after the competition in Celle.

Making this possible only shows that Germany is very active in organizing Tradition Competitions which are based on or aiming to AIAT rules
At Rheda Castle, the stables are located in a beautiful park whereas the presentations took place on the square before the castle.

The hospitality we encountered at Rheda Castle was equally heartwarming as in Celle. It obviously means a lot to the German organization to enable competitive driving in traditional competition.

It was therefore very important for the AIAT president, Baron Ch. De Langlade, present as jury both in Celle and at Rheda Castle, to demonstrate his full support for the German initiatives.

Amongst the international participants were Christiaan Metzler from Switzerland, Pieter Gosschalk and Bert de Mooij from The Netherlands and Marek Doruch from Poland.

On Saturday August 28th, the Presentation took place with mr. de Langlade, mr. von Trapp and mr. Wannenwetsch as jury.
The presentation was followed by a magnificent route of 12.5 kilometers. Right after the route, there were 7 pc’s located in a beautiful park. German organizers of Tradition Competitions find it difficult to include pc’s within the route because German drivers are not accustomed to it.

This also explains why the “Cone Driving” is seldom found in German Tradition Competitions. But it could be just a matter of time before Germany will make the full transition to the AIAT rules. It is therefore important to continue supporting Germany for taking these in initiatives.

Bert de Mooij