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CIAT Lossburg

Debrief CIAT Lossburg 2016



Coaching Trophy

LOSSBURG (Germany)

 23. – 25. September 2016

Lossburg is sitting right in de middle of the Black Forest at an altitude of 300 feet, amongst wonderful landscapes, big tall pines, some large fields , deep valleys, small little factories looking like toys, nice winding roads, charming farms … a really nice world to live in !

And there live Albrecht and Irmgard Mönch, their family and friends, who organized a splendid week-end dedicated to Traditional Carriage-Driving which benefited of the most lovely weather ! Thirty-five turnouts coming from Belgium, Switzerland and Germany had accepted their friendly invitation.

First of all, everyone got under the charm of their warm welcome ! And then was amazed by the remarkable, well-oiled organization provided for this event ! Each show or test was just flowing one after the other, no hurry, no stress in spite of a very consistent program.

Starting on Friday afternoon, and several times during the week-end, a presentation of superb Moritzburger horses, in hand or in harness, attracted a very interested and knowledgeable public. The Moritzburger Landgestüt was on the spot, led by the long time Director, Dr Görbert.
Then a delicious dinner in the beautiful barn of the Mönch family gathered about 400 guests, placed at different tables, according to their native language or their affinities, showing once more, if necessary , the great sense of hospitality of our hosts !

The official Presentation of the turnouts (one, two, three or four horses including four coaches) started  at noon on the Saturday. It was judged by six judges coming from France (Baron Christian de Langlade and Mr Reinhold Trapp), Belgium (Mr Rüdyard Walter) and Great-Britain (Mr Mark Jurd, Mr Kevin Stillwell and Mr Colin Pawson).

The atmosphere was serene, the exchanges of views quite interesting, the commentaries of Anette Mezger, Dr Görbert and Norbert Freistedt very instructive.
After the Presentation, the participantss were directed towards the center of Lossburg, driving through the typical lovely countryside of this beautiful area.

The coaches participated to a picnic contest in the meantime, judged by Alexandra Princess zur Lippe and Antoinette Baroness de Langlade. The teams were all elegant and their picinics  full of charm, harmonious , delicious, harmoniously displayed …. Very difficult  to decide which was the best ! And then, all were also driving driving to Lossburg and back.

A coach horn demonstration was preceeding the Saturday Gala dinner, when a dozen of horn blowers showed their skills in turn. Another really delicious meal, a different placement allowing to meet different guests, prize-giving for the picinic contest, very interesting conference on carriage-driving in the 1900s by Andres Furger, an excellent evening for all.

On the next morning, a splendid drive of 22 km for all turnouts in the spectacular landscapes of this part of Germany, then in the afternoon, a skill test for the drivers and their horses around the farmyard, followed by different activities showing hounds, ponies for the children and heavy horses from  the Black Forest.

At the end of the afternoon, after a great defilé and a prize-giving ceremony, everybody was leaving with stars in the eyes !

Congratulations to Albrecht and Irmgard Mönch for their huge work to provide a fantastic week-end to the drivers and the numerous spectators present on the spot to enjoy a superb carriage-driving meeting !