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Maintenance - Traditional Driving

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Apart from the lamps on cereomonial carriages, landaus etc . The lamps should be simple but of good taste. Brass lamps have no place on traditional vehicles ; One should choose black except the top or chimney which can be bordered in brass or white metal the same as the front reflector in front of the glass and the stem of the lamp (containing the candle) . The stem itself is noften black due to the amount of handling it gets in useage.
The quality of the reflector is important as is the source of the light , candle, alcohol or paraffin . The glass can be either flat, curved or bevelled.
There are two types of lamp, on the one hand those that rest in a conical lamp holder and less common designed to fix on a bracket;
The front glass of the lamp is round or oval on rounded lamps and oval on square lamps .
The rounded lamp is practical on most carriages . The size in proportion to the carriage is also important;
During competition lamps must be carried and the candles previously lit then extinguished to assure the functioning of the lamp.
The lamps are not compulsory during the day but do add to the turnout.

The parasole/umberela basket
In basket work trimmed with leather is attatched with leather straps.

The horn carrier
Carried on the right and is found mainly on coaches.

The driver should provide rugs for his passengers for the protection, he wears an apron.

The clock case
Made of leather and placed so as to be protected from both shock and rain.

Reflective triangles
These are obligatory and should conform to the Highway Code , a horse drawn carriage is considered as a trailer drawn by horses and the two reflectors are perhaps best placed on the axle.